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March 2016

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When you get pre-approved for a mortgage, it is based on a particular recurring payment. The mortgage rate is estimated (as well as other amounts such as taxes and homeowners insurance). Mortgage rate fluctuations impact pre-approval amounts because it determines the principal and interest part of the total payment. It is useful for buyers to understand this because an increase or decrease in rates can impact homes that can be considered.

Mortgage Rate Fluctuations

Mortgage rates can adjust on a continual basis. At certain times, they may even adjust multiple times throughout the day. As a home buyer, you will not know what your particular mortgage rate is until you identify a home, have an estimated settlement date, and lock in the mortgage rate.

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The real estate market is prone to fluctuation, which is one of the reasons that investing in a home is always a risk. Home prices rise and fall for a number of reasons, and even the most informed buyer or analyst may be unable to predict what will happen to a specific piece of property or the market in general.


A buyers' market occurs when the housing market favors home buyers. The market may be defined with any type of parameters, such as a geographic region or price range. The market favors buyers when home prices are relatively low and there are a large number of homes available at a given time. Some real estate agents and analysts use a six-month sale as the base level for naming housing markets. When most homes take more than

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We recently reported that home prices are continuing to rise across most of the nation. This has created concern in some pundits that a housing bubble, like we saw ten years ago, is forming again. We want to explain why these concerns are unfounded.

The current increase in home values can be easily explained by the theory of supply and demand. Right now, the number of families looking to purchase a home is greater than the supply of homes on the market.

Here is a chart that explains how the months’ supply of housing inventory impacts home values:


According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors, there is currently a four-month supply of inventory. That puts us in the blue section of the above

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When world-renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter was approached about opening one of his academies in Sussex County, New Jersey, it was a far cry from the traditional golf hotspot locations in places like Hawaii, California, and Florida.

After visiting Crystal Springs—with its seven courses situated in some of the most gorgeous surroundings in all of New Jersey—however, Leadbetter called it “an amazing place” and “a hidden gem.” If you’re interested, you can read more about Leadbetter’s assessment of Crystal Springs. Golf, however, isn’t the only amazing thing about Crystal Springs. It’s an amazing place to live as well.

No matter what your passion for living encompasses—fine dining, swimming, outdoor sports, fitness, winter sports, or social

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By knowing how much mortgage you can handle, you can ensure that homeownership will fit in your budget.  

Homeownership should make you feel safe and secure, and that includes financially. Be sure you can afford your home by calculating how much of a mortgage you can safely fit into your budget.

Why not just take out the biggest mortgage a lender says you can have? Because your lender bases that number on a formula that doesn’t consider your current and future financial and personal goals.

Think ahead to major life events and consider how those might influence your budget. Do you want to return to school for an advanced degree? Will a new child add day care to your monthly expenses? Does a relative plan to eventually live with you and contribute

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Generally the real estate recover has been erratic. While nationally volumes and pricing have recovered nicely for existing homes, New Jersey, and Sussex County in particular have lagged behind. In fact while volumes are up, pricing in Sussex County has been down every year since 2006.

Crystal Springs stands out as unique to the area with recovering pricing due to it’s attraction to second home buyers and retirees. Crystal Spring’s recovery reflects the nation trend for second homes which has seen massive increases in volume, past 2006 levels, and some recovery in pricing.

What does this all mean? Opportunity. Pricing is still very affordable at Crystal Springs but the increase sales volumes should exert pressure on pricing as supplies become more

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Selling a home you’ve lived in and loved over the years isn’t exactly like unloading your collection of old Slayer LPs on Craigslist (or is it…?). It’s hard. It’s emotional. And above all else, it’s complicated. A slew of questions will likely pop into your head throughout the process—and possibly keep you up at night.

Q: How much needs to be done to my house before putting it on the market?

“Many sellers have extreme anxiety over the thought of having to clear out and fix up their home, so much so that it can prevent them from putting the place on the market in the first place,” says Alyssa Blevins with Pierce Murdock Group. But in most cases, there’s no need to panic here—or to overshoot your goals. “Very often, there’s far less to do

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The New Jersey Wine & Food Festival at Crystal Springs Resort is a celebration of the world's best wines and renowned local and national chefs.

The weekend's events are designed to allow food and wine lovers to meet and mingle with chefs, winemakers, sommeliers and fellow wine aficionados.

This year's exciting line up of events will include The Grand Tasting, an Italian themed Wine Cellar Dinner with award-winning winemaker Sebastiano Rosa from Biserno, Top Chefs & Top Wines Dinner, tastings of award-winning small production wines, and a variety of exciting seminars with chefs and winemakers from around the world.


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This spring is shaping up to be the busiest housing market we’ve seen since 2006. Now, thanks to America’s favorite rodent, we can predict that this year’s strong spring housing market will start sooner than normal.

God bless you, Groundhog Day! When the country is so over winter, all eyes turn to one famous groundhog, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil (sorry, Staten Island Chuck!), and await his prediction on the advent of spring.

But just how accurate is our pal Phil? I pulled the history of his forecasts and aligned them with historical weather data. The combination that gave me the most overlap and seemed a reasonable test of an early spring was to look at the average temperature in February for the contiguous 48 states as recorded by the

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