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Many real estate markets across the United States are currently experiencing low inventory. Several factors contribute to low inventory in markets. The largest driving factor lately has been low-interest rates and currently, the coronavirus pandemic. Buyers want to take advantage of these rates before they rise and are eager to enter the housing market. However, many homeowners already have low-interest rates on their homes and may not be keen on selling and moving. Navigating a market with limited inventory can be an extra challenge, but can be done successfully following the tips below:

 1- Be Financially Secure

Take the appropriate steps to have your financing secured before you go to look at houses. Get a mortgage pre-approval and have all the

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Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

The holiday season from November through January is often considered the worst time to put a home on the market. While the thought of selling your home during the winter months may dampen your holiday spirit, the season does have its advantages: holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition is less fierce with fewer homes being actively marketed. Once you've committed to the challenge, throw on your ugly Holiday Sweater and call Mountain Resort Properties.  We will guide you through the process and will hopefully have a buyer secured for your home before you ring in the New Year.  Following these helpful tips from FrontDoor and HGTV will make the process that much easier:

  1. Deck the halls, but don’t go overboard.
    Homes often look their
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GOLF - It seems to be the only thing open these days!  So ... what are the benefits to owning a house in a golf resort community?

Unless you’re a lover of the sport, it’s hard to totally ‘get’ how vital proximity to a golf course is for golfers. You don’t have to love golf, however, to want to live in a golf community.

There are many non-golf related perks to living in a golf-centric community. Here are a few:

• Communities with golf courses are typically well-groomed and often pristine.
• Golf and Country Clubs offer countless social activities.
• Cart paths pave the way for walking, running and biking opportunities.
• Amenities and social clubs are plentiful.

So, whether you fall into the golf-lover category, or you’re simply interested in

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The Village at Crystal Springs Resort

Nestled in the lush rolling hills of northwestern New Jersey, The Village at Crystal Springs Resort is an inviting residential resort community set amidst thousands of acres of preserved woodlands and serene lakes. The community’s welcoming neighborhoods offer a collection of luxurious single family residences, custom estates, as well as condominiums and townhomes. Whether for year-round or vacation living, this unspoiled setting awaits all who appreciate the unequaled amenities of a world-class resort.

Clearly the crown jewel of resort communities in the valley, Crystal Springs Resort is a world-class golf resort with 3 on-site golf courses, an 18-hole natural grass putting course, a

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Owning a home may be your dream, but in order for the purchase to be the happy and satisfying experience it was meant to be, you need to ensure that you are financially and mentally prepared for the responsibilities that come with it.

Some people have a notion that home ownership is like renting, but with the power to have pets and paint the walls whatever color you like. However, while these privileges are available to homeowners in most municipalities, they come with the responsibilities of a mortgage, taxes and home maintenance. Preparing for home ownership requires you to take critical stock of your finances and your expectations.

Questions for Prospective Homeowners

Are you ready to buy?

Owning your own home is about more than just

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250+ Fun Things To Do Around the Resort! 

There’s always a reason to come back to New Jersey’s favorite resort home community with so many things to do in the area. Below are a few of our favorite things to do at Grand Cascades Lodge!

#1 Make Ooey, Gooey S’mores
This good old fashion campfire treat is the perfect end to an amazing day with friends & family.

#2 Get Better with Leadbetter
If playing six resort golf courses is not enough to sharpen your game, then consider getting some professional instruction at David Leadbetter’s Northeast Headquarters located at Black Bear Golf Club. The Academy offers group clinics, private lessons and everything in between to get your game on track.

#3 Meet Top Chefs & Wine Makers

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If you are considering buying a vacation home or weekend getaway a condo hotel is a worthy consideration. The Resort Valley is home to three condo hotels, Grand Cascades Lodge & Minerals Hotel at Crystal Springs Resort and The Appalachian Hotel & Black Creek at Mountain Creek. If you are uncertain or confused as to how condo hotels work, you are not alone . . . here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In a nutshell, what is a condo hotel?

A condo hotel tends to be a mid to high rise building that functions like a normal hotel but rather than having one owner there is an individual owner for each room or unit.

What are the benefits of condo hotel ownership?

Maintenance free living with rental income generated

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You’ve made up your mind to reward yourself and your family with that special getaway out in the country where all you can breathe is the fresh air and enjoy an active lifestyle of golf, skiing, mountain hikes and more. However, the question you are grappling with is whether to build a new home or buy an existing home. Here are some insiders’ tips to consider.



Clearly there is a big and obvious difference between new and used. Although new homes come with warranties, they last no more than two years on most items. Nonetheless, a new home is far less likely to suffer a roof leak or a leaky faucet than one ten or twenty years old. But remember, you
are buying this home to have fun, not for a weekend project, so

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Restaurant Latour is Crystal Springs Resort’s most unparalleled dining experience. Settled among the rolling hills of northern New Jersey, this newly renovated gem exceeds all expectations. From the collaborative vision of Crystal Springs Resort CEO Julie Mulvihill and COO Robby Younes, the revealed concept draws inspiration from the natural world.  With multiple recognitions on New Jersey Monthly’s Best Restaurants list, four-star reviews from the New York Times and the Star-Ledger, the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Award, and a recent induction into Wine Enthusiast’s Hall of Fame- this is an experience not to be missed.


Inspired by the lush terrain of the area, the new Restaurant Latour is intended to bring the outside in. The dining room

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