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Fun Facts about New Jersey, Crystal Springs, Real Estate and well just about anything that is Fun.

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Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

The holiday season from November through January is often considered the worst time to put a home on the market. While the thought of selling your home during the winter months may dampen your holiday spirit, the season does have its advantages: holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition is less fierce with fewer homes being actively marketed. Once you've committed to the challenge, throw on your ugly Holiday Sweater and call Mountain Resort Properties.  We will guide you through the process and will hopefully have a buyer secured for your home before you ring in the New Year.  Following these helpful tips from FrontDoor and HGTV will make the process that much easier:

  1. Deck the halls, but don’t go overboard.
    Homes often look their
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Vernon New Jersey Real Estate

In this blog, we will talk about Vernon New Jersey Real Estate.  Vernon, NJ is located in beautiful Sussex County. Otherwise known as the New Jersey's Skylands. With a population of 23,943 Vernon, NJ is the most populous municipality in the county. full of woodlands, lakes, and rivers this serene town has grown into a great place to get out and enjoy beautiful mother nature.

One of the biggest factors that plays into Vernon New Jersey Real Estate is the resort communities located throughout the town. Mountain Creek Ski Resort has a ton of real estate surrounding it. Slope Side Condominiums, Townhomes, single family homes and one large condominium hotel. Crystal Springs Resort's also operates Minerals Resort and Spa inside of Vernon Township. This

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If you are considering buying a vacation home or weekend getaway a condo hotel is a worthy consideration. The Resort Valley is home to three condo hotels, The Grand Cascades Lodge and Minerals Resort at Crystal Springs, and the Appalachian/Black Creek at Mountain Creek. You are not alone if your uncertain or confused as to how they work so here are answers to frequently asked questions.

In a nutshell, what is a condo hotel?

A condo hotel tends to be a mid to high rise building that functions like a normal hotel but rather than having one owner there is an individual owner for each room or unit.

What are the benefits of condo hotels?

Maintenance free living with rental income generated when you aren’t using your unit. You turn the key to

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Below you will be able to search and find all available Real Estate in Sussex County New Jersey. Located one hour away from NYC in the northernmost point of the beautiful garden state.  Almost any style of home in Sussex County New Jersey from single family homes, historic farms, small lake cottages, golf course villas, luxury estates, apartment complexes, townhomes, and condominiums. Some homes are positioned in close-knit communities and others and tucked away in the woods for tons of privacy.

Sussex County has a population of 142,522 and a median income of 55,497. Ranking the county as the 220th richest county in America. With the Appalachian mountain range spreading throughout the area population never skyrocketed and left the pristine farmland

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Becoming a Local Real Estate Expert is not just about housing and development.  You might just have to know what you can eat in the local woods! This article is all about local foods found in the Woodlands right here surrounding our Resort Communities. 

SOmany resorts now brag about their farm to table menus. But how many can brag about woods to table? Crystal Springs can! Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Crystal Springs is surrounded by thousands of acres of untouched, pristine forest. Executive Chef Anthony Bucco sources from local foragers known for their ability to uncover rare and hyper- seasonal ingredients, often available only for a few short days or weeks. Our chefs have fostered relationships that supply

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Wine was a passion for Gene Mulvihill, former owner of Crystal Springs Resort. Wishing to share his love of fine vintage, Mr. Mulvihill assembled one of the world’s premier wine collections featuring thousands of labels from around the world. His devotion to wine continues at the Wine Cellar of Restaurant Latour under the experienced and talented Crystal Springs Resort staff, led by VP of Hospitality & Lodging and Wine Director Robby Younes and assisted by world-renowned Sommelier Susanne Lerescu.


The collection actually began in the mid-1960s when Mr. Mulvihill began to have success in the securities industry and decided to start investing in a commodity that

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Every Hour in the US Housing Market:

633 Homes Sell

253 Homes Regain Positive Equity

Median Home Values Go Up $1.43





The information contained, and the opinions expressed, in this article are not intended to be construed as investment advice. Melissa Bressette and Keeping Current Matters, Inc. do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained herein. Nothing herein should be construed as investment advice. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence and obtain professional advice before making any investment decision. Melissa Bressette and Keeping Current Matters, Inc. will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on the

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What does Mom want? With Mother’s Day approaching on Sunday,plenty are asking themselves this very question in increasingly desperate tones. 

And as with most questions in the 21st century, answers abound online—with the   usual caveat that a lot of them stink. As a mom, I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty sure these common recommendations would backfire:

  • Breakfast in bed … followed by a sink full of dishes she’ll have to wash herself the next day.
  • A vacuum or other housework-related tool, which suggests she should toil harder to keep the home tidy.
  • Flowers. We know you grabbed these at the last minute on your way home. Is that the best you can do for a woman who has endured nine months of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor, and three years of sleep
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